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Skeletos provides customized IT solutions and services, by leveraging its expertise in the field of Cloud technology, DevOps, Datacenter & infrastructure management, Enterprise software development, Mobile app development, and Digital sustainability to help you establish leadership in your industry

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Managed Services

Empowering your business, every step of the way.

Cloud Solutions

Unlocking the Power of the Cloud, One Solution at a Time.

Data Center Migration

Empowering your digital evolution with seamless datacenter migration.

Software Development

Elevate Your Digital Presence with Expert Software Development.

Ecommerce Development

Empowering Your Online Success, One Click at a Time!

DevOps Services

Empowering Your DevOps Journey, Every Step of the Way!

Skeletos DevOps

Collaborative innovation & consistent delivery. DevOps is a mindset that's based on Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and is represented with an infinity symbol denoting that innovation is a journey and not a destination.

Our Skeletos Pentagon Framework for DevOps helps you achieve the five-point agenda of the modern enterprises.

Greater Customer Experience
Top-Notch Quality
Enterprises Agility Quotient
Crises Agnostic Business Model
Collaborative Innovation

Skeletos DevOps administrators & engineers work closely with your team to ensure an efficient and smooth integration and deployment, by employing a suite of tools to monitor and improve the deployment process.

Enterprise Software Development

Skeletos understands that technology is just a tool. People buy tools, but do not necessarily re-engineer the business cycle. Our team of techno-functional engineers help you build customized enterprise software such as ERP, CRM, HRMS, lead management solutions, business process automation, mobile applications, and enterprise integration platform.


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time management
Aidan Bell IT Manager

Choosing Skeletos for managed services was one of the best decisions we made. Their team consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our systems are running smoothly.

Eli Watkins COO

Choosing Skeletos for our cloud infrastructure was one of the best decisions we made. Their tailored solutions and responsive support team have helped us scale and innovate with confidence."

Amol Deshpande CEO

Impressed by Skeletos' professionalism and attention to detail during our data center migration. Their team went above and beyond to address our specific needs, delivering outstanding results.

Kingston Evans IT Manager

Skeletos has revolutionized our approach to DevOps. Their expert team streamlined our processes, enhancing collaboration and efficiency across our development and operations teams.

Johnny Cox Founder

Working with Skeletos was a game-changer for us. Their proactive communication and top-notch development skills made the entire process seamless.

Alexis Rivera Director

Thanks to Skeletos, our e-commerce site is now incredibly user-friendly and visually stunning. Their team's dedication to excellence is truly impressive!

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February 23, 2024

Securing the Flow: Best Practices for a Secure DevOps Pipeline

At Skeletos, innovation and optimization are at the heart of our DevOps practices. While speed and agility are crucial for success, security remains paramount. Today, we want to address the

February 23, 2024


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