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Managing access control, monitoring employee bandwidth usage, updating security patches and software upgrades while ensuring it doesn’t affect the incumbent applications, backups, disaster recovery, maintain software licenses and renewing them before their expiry, troubleshooting issues, vendor co-ordination, issue escalations. Don't worry Our Cloud solutions are Here.

A day in the life of an IT team can be very overwhelming. IT infrastructure, usually, has a substantial share in the annual expenses. This makes the IT cost-centric rather than profit centric. Further, if the network, servers and systems do not perform consistently and optimally, it is perceived as a dead-investment.

Strategic Contributors OR Just Fire-Fighters?

It’s a crime to reduce the in-house IT expertise to the role of a firefighter. If your core business is not IT, your existing team equipped with the right skills can play an important role in effectively helping you achieve strategic objectives, quickly.

Leave the routine to the BEST CLOUD SOLUTIONS. 

Skeletos: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION at its best

C O M F O R T of an in-house team, Expertise of a result-oriented team

At Skeletos we adopt a consultative approach to build a customized solution for you. We are meticulous, process-driven, and have hands-on expertise of building IT infrastructure for small to large enterprises across the world. Collaborate with us to maximize value from our IT Infrastructure Management Solutions.

Sounds Complex? It's Not. Find out how.


Skeletos leadership team has hands-on expertise in setting up and managing small, mid-size and large scale IT infrastructures across all aspects of set-up, migration and management. LAN, WAN, In-Premise Datacentres, Cloud Datacentres, Servers, Networks, Storage, Security, Databases, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Virtualization, Business Continuity, Multi-platform Accessibility, and much more.

Cloud Platforms


If you are not yet convinced about switching to the cloud, We will help you set up a robust & secure data center within your premise.


If you want to understand better and be more comfortable with Cloud, prior to the switch-over, we offer our chosen clients a Limited-Time Cloud Trial*. You can try a few applications on the cloud, so that you are cloud-ready, and then together we can plan your IT modernization


Technology is just an enabler... the approach is what makes all the difference

It’s not just about technology, and definitely not about sales. Our approach is fair and straightforward.

Benefits of Skeletos IMS