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Fulfill Gap between Development and Operations with DevOps. DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations that promotes better communication and Operations between these two departments. Companies can achieve expertise in Customer Services. Stronger economies are built on a framework of Greater Customer Experience, Top-Notch Quality, Enterprises’ Agility Quotient, Crises Agnostic Business Model and Collaborative Innovation

DevOps is a concept that allows enterprises to create an ecosystem where teams across departments work in tandem so that product ownership is spread evenly within the enterprise. DevOps not only boost sales but also improve the Productivity of the Organisation

It works on the philosophy that the operations team can review the development work early on and provide critical feedback for the development team to work on, so as to avoid failures towards the end. In turn, the development team can better understand the actual issues before building the final product, Due to better communication between teams unnecessary conflict can be avoided and Time will be saved

Build Stronger Enterprise with Skeletos DevOps Framework

Our Skeletos Pentagon Framework for DevOps helps you achieve the five-point agenda of the modern enterprises.

Greater Customer Experience
Top-Notch Quality
Enterprises Agility Quotient
Crises Agnostic Business Model
Collaborative Innovation

DevOps is a mindset that’s based on Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and is represented with an infinity symbol denoting that innovation is a journey and not a destination.


Skeletos provides end-to-end DevOps solutions.

This includes providing unbiased consultation on the right platforms and tools
that cater to various processes under CI/CD.

Tool Chain

Right tools aren’t enough. Our experts undertake configuration management, automated continuous integration and deployment services that help you generate builds and deploy them quickly on the test and then the production server.

SKELETOS DevOps administrators & engineers work closely with your team to ensure efficient and smooth integration and deployment, by employing a suite of tools to monitor and improve the deployment process.

Skeletos DevOps Features & Benefits

Proven Expertise with successful DevOps Projects
Better Accountability & Total Transparency
Proactive Issue Resolution
Root-cause Analysis rather than quick-fix approach
Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual reports
Annual 24x7 Monitoring with 100% SLA fulfilment
Automation for quick, consistent and reliable builds
Early bug detection
Continuous deployment for better TTM
Improved Scalability
Response Automation
Faster Product Maturity
Seamless upgradation for end-users
Substantially reduces cost and time

Develop future proof Solutions | Offer Seamless, elavated experience

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