Securing Your Cloud Transition

The Power of Reliable IMS Partnerships

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Skeletos helps in raising your IT infrastructure to the next level by orchestrating software, hardware, cloud and a variety of other cutting-edge technologies.

Skeletos | On Premise Data Centers

Skeletos can help you streamline your IT operations and make it compliant to the best of the industry standards and practices. We address your security concerns with a well planned actions

Use of advanced tools such as firewalls, antivirus & anti-malware, data loss prevention, email security, intrusion prevention systems, VPN, web security, network access control systems,  and more for deployment  and configuration

Build business continuity in your framework through our automated backup and disaster recovery systems.

Optimize system and network performance by employing our Performance Optimizer Service.

Cloud Data Centers

When deploying your entire IT infrastructure to a Cloud, there’s naturally an inherent fear associated with it. “Is my data safe?” Cloud technology being a super-advanced platform, not only keeps your applications and data safe, but also improves the network throughput, establishes reliability, scalability, provides extremely powerful backup and disaster recovery methodologies, and a range of features that significantly enhances your overall performance. Having said that, since the cloud is external to the office premise, it is exposed to vulnerabilities. 

A right IMS partner will always implement sophisticated tools to proactively mitigate risks, protect critical information, and safeguard your companies interests. Our strong collaborations, enable access to time-tested technologies that significantly reduce these threats.

Skeletos supports a wide range of cloud platforms, and adopts a phased approach to cloudify your IT infrastructure:

This covers Data Center Migrations, Data Center Consolidations, Migration of Servers, Software, Network and other hardware, Databases, Storage Systems, Back-up systems, Email, etc. and Hardware and OS upgrades.

Three types of Cloud Models


Software as a Service, which allows users to access software services through web


Infrastructure as a Service, which allows users to access infrastructure on a per usage pay basis


Platform as a Service, which allows users to access third party hardware and software over the internet

With several years of experience working on various platforms we provide unbiased consultancy for the right cloud platform that suits your current and future needs.