Top 3 Technology Trends You Should Know About

Technology Trends

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A blog about the latest technology trends. IT industry is growing and so are the trends.  
The Information Technology sector keeps adding new technologies, trends, and characteristics to their products. Although we cannot estimate what exactly will be the future trend in the IT sector, there are a few things from which we can easily predict the future of IT industry. I have listed down five major IT industry trends that you should also look at for enhancing your career in this field. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is getting smarter every day and it is now a reality.
technology trends skeletosAI, as it has been introduced, is capable of understanding, interpreting, and even generating human language through unstructured information. It is considered to be the biggest invention since the MACRO-INVENTION of Computers. As we run through our lives mostly keeping to ourselves, we tend to forget how much things have changed in the last 50 years. Information technology has impacted us in ways never thought possible There are several major trends affecting the IT sector that would be worth considering while taking the future course of action. It will lead to the rapid growth of voice recognition and text analysis software. 

Top 3 Technology Trends 

The opportunities for robotics are in the areas of autonomous systems, service robots and collaborative robots. The market for robotics is large. Its potential impact is to improve productivity and efficiency in manufacturing, construction, logistics and retailing and to reduce costs associated with labour, materials and waste disposal. Robotics has been in the industrial space for years; however, it has entered the consumer market as well. The use of robotics spans from floor-cleaning products for the home to bricklaying robots for the construction industry. Much investment is going into robotics in new domains such as agriculture, oceanography and space exploration. This new era of robotics represents an opportunity to do things that were never possible before and to solve problems that have always been impossibly difficult or even impossible—problems that require truly novel solutions. As robots become more capable, they will be able to assist people with a larger scope of activities—especially in areas such as transportation, service delivery, security and surveillance, entertainment, personal assistance and health care—allowing them to focus on more human-centric tasks that require human intelligence, creativity and emotion.
There is little doubt that robotics will continue to grow over the next decade, expanding into new and unexpected areas. Technology is still maturing and a number of challenges exist, but it is well understood that this will be a major area of growth in the future. Robotics has been a major area of investment and research for the past few years and will continue to be so well into the future. 
Electric Vehicles (EVs) Technology  

As technology has advanced, there will be a push to move from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) in the next decade. While EVs have been used for decades, they have been driven largely by environmental concerns. The technology to support EVs has improved, and concerns about the environment have become more widespread. What is changing is the actual business case for EVs and their use in personal transportation. In particular, advancements in battery storage and power management have made EVs viable for extended trips. This shift could create major disruption in the auto industry, similar to what we saw when companies like Uber entered the taxi business or when Amazon disrupted traditional retail business models. The other side of this disruption is that it will require significant investment in EV-supporting infrastructure from charging stations to power management from home outlets to centralized systems.
 Internet of Things (IoT).

This has been a huge focus for companies large and small. But, with every new piece of hardware, software, and service introduced to the market, we see it becoming more of a commodity. The same technology that powered the connected home is now being used in industrial equipment and automobiles. The same tools web developers use to create rich interactive websites are now being used to build IoT solutions. This is the commoditization of IoT. It’s becoming so ubiquitous that companies are able to focus less on what type of connected solution they’re providing and more on the end results they are trying to achieve. Considering the increasing demand of business process outsourcing and cultivating technology skills in India, the above-mentioned five major IT industry trends have a very strong scope to grow. 
The IT industry is growing day by day due to its various advantages, it keeps on changing which again has a positive impact on the growth of this field. 

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