Why IT outsourcing ?

IT Outsourcing

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IT outsourcing comes with many benefits which will boost your business but at the same time, you cannot avoid the risk which comes with it. 
Outsourcing services is very common in business. According to Entrepreneur India, 3,00,000 positions are outsourced annually in the US and the number is increasing day by day. The main goal of every organization is to fulfill the need of the market but sometimes they are unable to be updated with market demand, cloud adoption, and Digital transformation. Well the solution to all of them is IT Outsourcing.  

What is IT outsourcing?  


What is IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing means you give specific tasks related to your business model to a third party. Sometimes only a particular task is outsourced by organizations like developing Mobile applications and in some cases whole IT department is handled by a third party.  

But Why IT Outsourcing?

When you go with IT Outsourcing then you don’t have to spend money on training. If you’re planning from in-house IT then you have to invest money in IT needs like infrastructure servers. IT outsourcing will be very flexible for your projects because it gives you the authority to hire an agency according to the need or demand.    

  • You Don’t have to invest money in training  
  • Control your Budget  
  • High Skill Experts within Budget  
  • Cut down labor Cost  
  • No Infrastructure Cost

IT Outsourcing is not only flexible when it comes to resources but it is flexible in many things. Currently need for the IT will be limited for your organizations but as businesses grow the number of problems will occur also increase. You can not predict anything about the growth of the business there are various changes that will be required while growing your business.  When you go with IT Outsourcing then this can be avoided because IT services have many solutions to handle any sudden changes. 

  • You can hire IT outsourcing according to project  
  • Can make changes according to the growth  
  • No need to search for solutions separately  

Disaster Planning 
Well as we said earlier you can not predict anything about business. According to Murphy’s laws, ”Anything that could go wrong, will go wrong” When some digital disaster happens then without even having a second thought you can just connect to your IT services provider. IT outsourcers usually come with advanced planning and with experts.  

  • IT services providers come with Advance Planning  
  • They have experts to solve problems 
  • It comes with the required tools to solve as early as possible  

What Kind of Risk which you cannot avoid while IT outsourcing? And How you can overcome?


Risk in IT Outsourcing

If you are thinking about IT Outsourcing then the first thing which will come to your mind will be Why and How Can I trust them? Even we are in same town or city or country. To avoid these issues you can follow these points  

  • Do some survey about a company like their previous projects, What kind of projects they have a deal with it, How they handle difficult situations   
  • Check their Digital presence through Website and Social Media.   
  • Find reviews about their previous work. 

When you go with IT outsourcing then you might have to share your valuable data with other companies. Cloud computing services are usually share by many companies and it is accessed by the same server. Though it will save you money but will also create some security. So to be secure you can follow these points  

  • IT Outsourcing company is having Technical Protection to your data.  
  • Create some protocols related to your data 
  • Avoid unauthorized members entry

When you tie up with IT services it means you rely on them for your work. In this process, you might feel like you losing control of work. Instead of losing control of things you can follow these rules  

  • Be Transparent with the provider from the beginning  
  • Provide clear vision or goal about project  
  • Choose a Dedicated person and be in touch  

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