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Team Building

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Team building is a very important factor to achieve your targets, It makes your team more effective. We all want our team needs to perfect as well productive but we often forget to work on team Building  
Sometimes team members get exhausted due to deadlines. Work pressure, miscommunication, and many more reasons can be there. Unknowingly they are not giving their best to a particular task. At this time all they need is a little bit of motivation from your side. It’s very important to your team members should able to communicate with you about an issue they are facing or any new idea or strategy which they have in their mind.    
Well, Don’t worry we understand that you want your team to be perfect but also you cant spend separate time on team-building activities. So here are a few activities which you can implement while completing your targets and managing your team in an effective way.  

Identify your Team Members  
So before planning anything first you have to understand your team. Understand teams strengths and weaknesses for planning any team building activities    
So here are a few questions that you can ask to identify team  

  • Is there any conflict between a team that is dividing the team into two parts
  • Do your team members require moral support from you?
  • Is there clear communication between you and your team members?
  • Do few members in your team is focusing only and only focus on their own success and Is that affecting results? Do few members in your team is focusing only and only focus on their own success and Is that affecting results?  Do your team
    According to Answers and situations you can choose an activity to build unity in your teams. Well, this process might require a bit of time and that’s why we should add team-building activities to our organization’s culture.

You can think about a few activities and add them into a routine, you can use the following activities to make your team stronger. 

Understand your team members
If you want your team to work in a happy and trusty environment then first you have to understand them. Your team is made up of different types of personalities, Everyone is having different goals and a different mindset. By understanding them you will be able to build a happy relationship with them.
Well, there are many other ways to understand your team members other than one on one conversations in cubicles. You can host a pre-holiday evening dinner or attend social events or even small Chai parties. People usually reveal their personalities in a relaxing environment.
According to research by sharing life aspects can make you more likable, as it shows more compassion and empathy towards you and makes you an authentic manager.

Have a common vision
Setting a common goal can unite your team member and you all can grow together. When team members have a clear vision then it prevents them to lose their path which is frustrating and they might not able to contribute to team success.   You can create a team chart or you can write team goals in such a place where everyone can see them. You can also conduct team meetings to discuss plans. In the meeting, you can divide your mission into small install sections. These meetings can heighten the confidence of employees.  

Develop Skills
Your team members can be very knowledgeable but to execute that knowledge they need skills. Skills should be developed in team members to run tasks smoothly. It makes the path easy to achieve goals in time. You can audit skills with a skill matrix and depending on their abilities and requirements toy can provide training.
Developing the right skills which match their job profile is a very strong point to build your teams. As result, you receive more contributions from your team members.    

Connect with Team
After a pandemic there are more chances that employees will prefer to work remotely, It won’t be easy to manage your team virtually. It’s very hard to build a repo with team members who never or rarely meet face to face. Team members can have different time zone, different cultures.
Your team members might feel isolated so you can plan to connect with teams virtually for some fun activities or as a skill enhancement program. It is likely to have effective communication with your employees with online tools   


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