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Once in a lifetime, we all make our timetable to achieve our goal and try to be more productive, While making a timetable we understood that we spend most of the time on unwanted things. I was in 10th standard when I made my first timetable and divide all the subjects into days and time while making the timetable I was so enthusiastic about a study that I have almost believed that I am going to get above 90%. But while executing that timetable I faced so many challenges and within a few days, I stopped following that routine. We all are enthusiastic and ready to do hard work to achieve our goals and we all try hard, but sometimes we get failed and that’s because of wrong guidance. We all can utilize our time and enhance our personal and professional life by managing our time in the right way.   
According to the University of ST Augustine, Here are a few proven time management methods that we are following in  Skeletos to be more productive and to maintain the satisfying life of employees.

time management techniques1) Pareto Analysis (a.k.a., the 80/20 rule) 
80\20 rule is invited by the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto 
In any task, 20% of your efforts are responsible for 80% of your achievement. The main goal behind this method is to prioritize your work depending upon the deadline and importance. You can this rule in your lifestyle as well, for example, If you are willing to lose weight then you can avoid 20% unhealthy food like pizza, pasta, burger and without any exercise or any extra efforts you will lose weight

What Type of people will get benefits from this?
 If your love to solve problems 
If Your Analytical Thinker

2) Pomodoro Technique 
If you love to divide your task and then do them one by one then this technique is perfectly suitable for you. The Pomodoro Technique was created by entrepreneur and author Francesco Cirillo.
This method is very easy, you have to divide your task to achieve a particular goal once you have done, distribute them and set a particular time to complete them. Each task is called Pomodoro. Make sure that you avoid all distractions like your phone calls, social media, etc and once you complete one task, then only move to another task. Before moving to another task make sure you recap the previous task and once you are done with the current task revise it to check the quality and to avoid mistakes 

What Type of People will get benefits from this? 
If your creative Thinker
If you feel burned out from Work 

3) Parkinson’s Law 
If you love to complete your work under pressure or if you like to complete the task before the deadline then unknowingly you are following Parkinson’s law. Parkinson’s law is all about time blocking. This law is created by British historian Cyril Northcote.  
“work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” In simple words, if you give more time you give it to complete the task you will need more time to complete a task. For example, if you decide to make ppt in 3 hours then you will complete that in 3 hours but if decide it to make in one hour then you will be able to complete that in one hour.  

What Type of people will get benefits from this?
If you are Procrastinators
If you like to work well under pressure

4) Getting Things Done (GTD) Method
GTD method is designed by author David Allen. In this method, you can simply note down all the things on paper and divide them in sequence. First, you have to decide actionable task and a Nonactionable task. Remove all nonactionable tasks and then put it in sequences according to the priority. Once you made the perfect list start doing immediately.
It’s a very easy and simple method to complete all your small tasks. 

What Type of people will get benefits from this?
If You’re struggling to focus on the thing 
If you feel overwhelmed 

5) Eat that Frog 
If you like to think from the long-term point of view then it’s a perfect method to manage your time. This method is created after Mark Twin’s quote “Eat a live frog the first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”    
Start your day by doing the most difficult task. With your morning motivation and willingness, you can complete the difficult task easily and be the tense free whole day.

What Type of people will get benefits from this?
If you think from Long term point of view 
If you’re Abstract thinkers  

So these are a few methods which we follow to maintain our professional and personal lifestyle at skeletos. It’s not mandatory for you to follow them all but according to your personality, you can pick up one method and follow that.

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