Are you in Battle of Work From Home and Work From Office? Here are 5 pros and cons

Work from home

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Before covid 19 work from home was just an imagination for many of employees, but in 2020 it has become a part of a system because in covid 19 it was recommended by the government to avoid human contact, while doing Work . Now (2021, December) many employees are a bit confused about whether they should be working from home or working from the office.  Let’s understand the pros and cons of working from home and working from the office.  

What is work from home and Work from Office?  

Working from home means completing your assigned task from home or any other comfort zone. It will require a few things like a laptop, internet connection, a comfortable place to sit and work, and a mobile phone for telecommunication.
meanwhile, in work from the office, you have to come to the office to complete your task, wear formal and you can sit and complete all your task by seating cubicles with your colleagues.
Now, let’s understand the Procs and Cons of work from home and office.

1) Independence-  
When your working from home you get independence. It can be in any formate like seating on the bed and working or it can be seating on beach and attend the meeting.
In work from the office you won’t get independency, you were supposed to follow some basic rules like office timings and other things which comes in a basic culture of the office.
Note- If you’re independent then you should be self-disciplined and you should be good at time management. 

2) Save Money   
Working from home can save money for the organization as well as for employees. The organization can save infrastructure costs and maintenance costs and employees can save transportation, food cost, and even childcare if they are parents.  
Meanwhile, organizations have to invest the amount in hybrid work model and employees have to invest in home office costs like internet connection, table, and chair, electricity.  

3) Complete focus no distraction   
When your work from home you are completely focused on work and you don’t have any distractions from co-workers. Office distraction can be also like running equipment noise or ringing a phone.  
But there are many chances that you might feel isolated because you working alone there is no one in your room to have a conversation or sometimes you might get distracted by family issues.     

4) Flexible   
If your working from home then you will have more flexible timings as compared to the work from an office. You can easily balance your work life and personal life by spending more time with your family.  
Well, you might have a flexible hour but that might covert into overworking hours. As you working at flexible timings you might overwork unknowingly. Time management techniques can help.     

5) Reduction in leaves   
Yes, When you work flexibly there are very less chances that you will take leaves. Whether you are sick or you have any other family function, you will be able to manage both at one time.  
This might cause less focus on a scheduled task.   

Facts about Work From Home  

  • A study by Standford shows that work from home can increase 13% of productivity in employees. 
  • A study conducted in 2012 shows that Employees are being better and faster at working from home.
  • According to researchers who work remotely at least a few times per month, 77 percent reported greater productivity while working offsite; 30 percent said they accomplished more in less time and 24 percent said they accomplished more in the same amount of time. 

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